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Why Blessings!?

Since Blessings! for Seniors is an independent, family owned company we have the ability to be more flexible in our business practices. Our caregivers have described us as a good solid company who takes care of their employees. The owners of Blessings! for Seniors are supportive and always approachable. They have an open door policy and are willing to talk to employees about their needs; whether it's regarding scheduling issues or to discuss a client concern; they are always there to help.

Since we are considered smaller than most home care companies, our employees don't get lost in the crowd. One of the main reasons people come to work for Blessings! for Seniors is because we are adaptable. We understand that every client and employee is different/unique so we are willing to adjust to the demands and needs of everyone. Everything we do at Blessings! for Seniors is personalized (for both clients and employees).

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our employees have the skills and knowledge to care for others. We have a very in-depth training program that helps employees acquire information on a variety of situations that they may encounter during their care for others. In our quest to be a Blessing! to the lives of others, we have found that community involvement is an important piece of the puzzle. We are very involved in the community by providing education for family caregivers. We also encourage our employees to become involved in the community in whatever capacity they choose.

"I came to work for Blessings! because I feel I have been blessed in my life and I wanted a job that I could give back."
-Mary Kabara, Caregiver

"I have had nothing but the best. I have had to make several adjustments in my life due to circumstances with my mom and I have received excellent backup and support."
- Donna Warmuth, Caregiver

"We are very family oriented and that we customize your schedule to your availability!"
- Angela Powell, Office Administrator

For me Blessings has been very flexible with my schedules. I always give 100% and they in return have allowed me to be with friends and family when I needed to. Blessing is different from other employers because they listen to us and take our input into consideration.
-Mary Kabara, Caregiver